Better Work in Later Life

Evidence-based resources supporting older people to engage in the workforce and for businesses to realise the benefits of Aotearoa New Zealand's ageing population.

We conducted case studies with public and private organisations to determine best practices to address the challenges and opportunities of an ageing workforce. Use our policy review tool to identify areas where your business may be able to support its older workforce better.

Starting a Business after 50 

We interviewed senior entrepreneurs and those looking to start their first business about their experiences. Our self-assessment tool can help you think about how you can be better prepared to start a business after age 50.

Decisions around employment are often understood in terms of factors 'pushing' and 'pulling' the individual into or out of work. Use this tool to explore data on resources, attitudes and motivations for work from over two thousand older employees.

Our resources are based on interviews and surveys of older workers, working caregivers, entrepreneurs, and employers. Check out our repository of peer-reviewed and upcoming research on challenges for an ageing workforce in Aotearoa New Zealand.

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