A snapshot of older employees

This snapshot summarises demographic data from the two thousand three hundred and twenty-one adults aged 55-84 who were in paid work for an employer and responded to our research survey on the resources, attitudes, and motivations of older workers in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Employees represent the largest group of older workers, and the challenges and benefits of work may differ from those who are looking for employment or those who are self-employed.

Use the menus below to explore the demographic profile of employees who provided data on attitudes and motivations for work. Look at sample breakdowns by employee age, gender, education, employment hours, and occupation.

Note. Error bars represent 95% confidence intervals for estimates; Occupations are reported against the Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupation categories: Labourer (e.g., cleaner, food packer, farm worker); Machinery operator/driver (e.g., machine operator, store person); Technician/trades worker (e.g., engineer, carpenter, hairdresser); Sales worker (e.g., insurance agent, sales assistant, cashier); Clerical/administrative worker (e.g., administrator, personal assistant); Community or personal service worker (e.g., teacher’s aide, armed forces, hospitality worker, carer); Professional (e.g., accountant, doctor, nurse, teacher); Manager (e.g., general manager, farm manager), or; Other (not specified).