Turnover and retirement intentions

We asked employees about their intentions to quit their current job, their intentions to retire, and their financial ability to retire now.

Select an outcome from the drop-down menu below to view how older employees rated their turnover and retirement intentions to each question in the sample overall. Select a button to explore responses by demographic group.

Note. Occupations are reported against the Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupation categories: Labourer (e.g., cleaner, food packer, farm worker); Machinery operator/driver (e.g., machine operator, store person); Technician/trades worker (e.g., engineer, carpenter, hairdresser); Sales worker (e.g., insurance agent, sales assistant, cashier); Clerical/administrative worker (e.g., administrator, personal assistant); Community or personal service worker (e.g., teacher’s aide, armed forces, hospitality worker, carer); Professional (e.g., accountant, doctor, nurse, teacher); Manager (e.g., general manager, farm manager), or; Other (not specified).