Business and employers


Case study 1

We conducted a case study with a regional port company facing changes in the age structure of its workforce.


Case study 2

We conducted a case study with a regional district health board identifying medium and long-term issues for its ageing workforce.

Final Case_Study_3_Report.pdf

Case study 3

We conducted case studies across two councils identifying prospects and challenges for retaining valued workers post-pandemic.

Case_Study_4 Pasifika_Report_v2_Final_200723.pdf

Case study 4

We conducted a case study with Affirming Works to explore topics of ageing and workplace inclusivity.

Te Puna Ora o Mataatua Report.pdf

Case study 5

We conducted a cases study with Te Puna Ora o Mātaatua to explore how a Māori organisation supports older workers.

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Employers #1 Inclusive.pdf

Becoming an Age Inclusive Employer

Employers #2 Myths.pdf

Ten Common Myths about Age and Work

Employers #3 Numbers.pdf

Understanding the Numbers

Employers #4 Caregivers.pdf

Supporting Caregivers in the Workplace

Employers #5 Knowledge.pdf

Knowledge Retention Matters

Employers #6 Pathways.pdf

Creating Transition Pathways